About Us

Hello! We are Happy Collars.

We are a small business located in a coastal beach side community in southern Delaware.  We are inspired every day by the casual and fun nature of our community.  Connecting pets and the people who love them through colorful happy design is our mission. Our original line of pet essentials and accessories are meant to make being a Mom or Dad to a furry friend a little more joyful.


Style, quality, and function are key.

We understand that choosing items for your pet is an important task.  It is essential that our products are not only styled well, but that they are also developed with a focus on durable lasting quality, and ease in function.  We want our customers to not only enjoy our designs and patterns, but to also expect our styles to perform well and to last.


Keep it fun.

We are driven to make living life with a pet a happy experience.  We create items with fun and colorful elements that are intended to spark joy. We love to spend time exploring the local boardwalks and beaches with our own pets and we hope to inspire you to do the same in your own community.


Communication is our compass.

As a small business, we realize that improving and growing will only happen if we embrace input from our community of pet lovers.   We are always grateful for feedback, guidance, and inspiration that this community can provide.



Ultimately, we strive to do our best to provide our community with good vibes.  Through creativity, thoughtful design, high quality, and positive communication, we hope to contribute to a world full of Happy Pets and Happy People!